*Grand Luxe Salon makes no Exact Claims, results vary with each Person*

Maintenance/Extensions Care

Extensions are 100% Human Hair 
Always Treat Extension like you natural hair.
We would always recommend letting a professional shampoo your extensions .
If You choose to shampoo/condition your extension always use Sulfur Free Products
Please choose to let extension dry naturally or towel dry.

How much oil should I apply?

Please keep in mind portion control, each person may require a different regimen.

How to use essence oils?

Oils can be used as a topical oil or as a treatment.

What type of hair texture can the oils be used on?

Oils can be applied to all textures: Natural/Relaxed, Styles/Lengths, Braids, Chemically Treated Hair, Hair Extensions and More.

Can products be returned?

We do not accept returns on oil or extensions.